Three Shows On Netflix That Are Worth The Time

If you are looking for some new shows to watch I have three strong recommendations. In the realm of comedy, you have to check out Netflix’s Big Mouth. It is an animated series about pubescent preteens journeying through the whirlwind of puberty. These confused mongrels are misguided by the incredibly vulgar Hormone Monster, who fuels the show. Nick Kroll is presumably the mastermind behind the show, but he’s actually managed to take his normal crass humor and make it witty and enjoyable, rather than eye rolling annoying. I am not really a Kroll fan, but after watching Big Mouth, I definitely have grown more open to his comedy, and become a big fan of the show.

Be warned, if you are in no way comfortable with your own sexuality; talking about sex; hearing about sex; or seeing any sort of sexual imagery, please do not watch this show. The last thing anyone needs is to hear about your fragile person being assaulted by human nature, or the jokes surrounding it. And if you are a PC kind of person, just stay away from the show entirely.

Moving on. In the spirit of Halloween I have two suggestions. The first, in terms of pure spine shivering creepiness, Mind Hunters; it is a must watch. This series is essentially the dramatization of how the FBI came to identify serial killers. The show walks you through the steps the Behavioral Science Unit took in order to develop a methodology in dealing with violent offenders who have multiple victims. Without getting too into it, lets just say when you are done watching, you walk away muttering “what the fuck,” a lot. It does a fantastic job of making you think, and illustrating how complex people are, and thats what makes it so damn good, and so damn creepy. It is a must see.

The second Halloween spirited series is Stranger Things.  This show is the perfect spooky thriller. Set in the 1980’s in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, everyone knows everyone, but no one in town seems to know why people are disappearing. Cover ups, conspiracy, and tragedy, are all at the center of the mystery plaguing Hawkins. A group children, with the help of an unusual friend, set out to shed light on the shadows that cast their veil over the town, only to unearth things that no sane person would deem real.

The series is extremely well written, and will hook you into a ten hour binge watching session, so be conscience of when you begin the show. And if you are like me, then you are excited to know that season 2 of the series aires October, 27th!

I would say these three shows are most deserving of your time. They are all absolutely gold, and I have already rewatched all of them, because they are that good.


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