It’s A Discount, And We’re Double Checking

It’s A Discount, And We’re Double Checking

Aaron Rogers leaves the game Sunday against the Vikings with a broken collar bone. There are two courses of action that can be taken: 1) surgery, which will be season ending, or 2) let it heal on its own, which offers a slight chance for return towards the end of the season.

If we are realistic about Rogers’ injury, than we all know that this is a season ending injury no matter what course you take. A broken collar bone on a football player is a lot more problematic than a broken finger. It is pretty obvious that a broken collar bone on a quarterback is awful, and yet people are still expecting Rogers to come back at some point. I’d be willing to bet that Rogers himself is anxious to get back also, but I am a big believer in getting back to 100% before returning to the field. If you can’t operate at 100% you are more than likely going to be a hindrance.

On top of that the Green Bay offensive line is riddled with injuries currently, and I’m not to sure when some of the linemen are expected to return. But what sense would it make to bring back Rogers when the line is beaten up? Taking hits not to long after breaking a collar bone doesn’t sound like the best idea for the team, or Rogers. He should take the season off, rest up, get the shoulder back to 100%, and then come back in the off-season and be the legend he is.

So if Rogers is out for the season, do the Packers need to put the ball in the hands of a veteran?

No. Brett Hundley is the guy you want in there. Hundley has been studying under one of the greatest quarter backs in the league since 2015. Rogers was under Brett Favre, another great quarterback, for 3 years, working on his craft. The line of succession here is pretty astounding. Its like the football equivalent to philosophy’s Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle lineage. And think about it. In cases where injuries have occurred, stars have been born. Tom Brady is the number one example of this.

If Brett Hundley has put in any effort while being under Rogers, than he has to be considered a threat. The guy is now going to be getting regular snaps, putting things he’s learned into action, and starting pro games that actually count. I think Hundley can rise to the occasion, and stabilize the Packers before someone cries abandon ship.

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