NFL Funny Lip Reading Guy Is Traded To The Cardinals

NFL Funny Lip Reading Guy Is Traded To The Cardinals

Age is but a number. A number that generally discribes the number of times your bones scrape together after every move you make. In the NFL age is a large factor in productivity. The older you get, typically, the less productive you are. Adrian Peterson is the NFL’s current hot topic of ageism. First it was Brett Favre, then Payton Manning, even Tom Brady at the start of the season, and now the latest victim, Adrian Peterson. 

Peterson entered free agency at the end of the 2016-2017 season. He then signed a 2 year deal with the Saints. Reportedly, Peterson was a fan of Sean Payton, and he liked the offensive schemes of the saints, which he thought would be a good fit for him. But nothing turned out quiet as Peterson hoped. Assuming he thought that he would be the premier back for the Saints, hostilities rose when that wasn’t the case. There is no doubt that Adrian Peterson is a great running back. His name is well know due to his freakish performance on the field, but he is 35 now, and a lot of people are wondering if he still has what it takes. 

 With all the doubt circling Peterson, and the lack of touches in New Orleans, he set out to redeem his name. Like many love stories the beginning is one of dispare, longing to belong somewhere. Peterson, 35, surely suffering from CTE, wants to continue his career in the NFL as a running back. The Arizona Cardinals are 2-3, lost their premier back, are struggling offensively, and are looking for salvation. Like two star crossed lovers in the middle of a planetary alignment, Peterson found the Cardinals, and at that exact moment the Cardinals found Peterson. 

At this point it seems like a match made in heaven. Two desperate entities seeking sweet relief in the hands of one another; looking to be apart of something greater than themselves; and most importantly to win. 

While the trade between the Saints and Cardinals took place just days ago, there is a chance that we will see Peterson in the backfield come Sunday. The veteran back has been studying the play book all week, according to various reports, and expects to be ready come game day. As to how many touches Peterson will get, it is still uncertain. But one has to think that with a struggling Arizona offense, and hardly any run game, putting Peterson in certainly can’t hurt. 

Oddly enough I am some what optimistic about Peterson’s new role on the Cardinals. In fact I even went out and picked him up off waivers or my fantasy team. Now I could be optimistic for the guy simply because I will be starting him this week, but it also could be that I think the 35 year old CTE riddled running back may still have something great left. All I can do now is wait and see.

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