The NHL In A Snap Shot

It’s early in the season, a time where games mean very little as teams are trying to get back into the groove of things. With that being said, the games that have been played so far have offered some surprises. Some teams have exceeded expectations, while others have failed to meet them. While it is early, I think it is still worth looking into this little snap shot of the season purely for the entertainment factor, because a lot is going to change as the season goes on.

So far I have witnessed the Flyers win games I thought they had no business winning. On top of that they have competed well against teams like Nashville. Shocking. I generally write the Flyers off because I see them as a bunch of goons more than anything, but whatever happened this off season has made me actually give them a second thought. Again, it is early in the season so this means very little, but for what its worth in this moment I am impressed.

One of the more surprising things I have seen thus far, is that the Devils have not lost a game! They were actually the garbage that Oscar the Grouch lived in last year, just absolutely awful. But hey, today they are 3-0. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m honestly impressed. It’s also kind of nice, they can finally say they are first in something again, as they lead the Metropolitan division currently.

The one team that actually has me distraught right now, are the Las Vegas Golden Knights. I know it is early, but I have watched these guys play, and I my first reaction was, “holy shit, these guys are good.” Now I watched them play Arizona, who were also awful last year, but what made me think the Knights are good was their speed, ability to maintain possession of the puck, and maintain physical control of the ice.

The Golden Knights are an expansion team, and I find it crazy how good they look so far, it actually kind of makes me hate them. How can you look so clean, and be that new? These guys look like they’ve played together for years, its bonkers!the Knights are 3-0, have a +5 Goal Differential, lead their division, and have only 4 goals against them in 3 games. For a new team, a tip of the hat.

If you are looking for some crazy point stats, the Black Hawks are your team. These guys are 3-0-1, OT loss, but they have a +14 Goal Differential, and only 7 goals against. If you didn’t do that math, that means they have 21 goals in their favor, and that is only in 4 games…. So if you were wondering if the Black Hawks were back, well:

black hawks

Side note: If you haven’t seen John Wick, you are depriving yourself of something beautiful. It is an absolute block buster family must see. Cannot recommend it enough. Absolutely a thrill for the whole family. It really teaches you how important your loved ones are, how to be a good dog owner, and an even better car owner. Great lessons here for the young ones.

In other news, everyone is sucking Ovi off again, and I am sick of it. I’m a cynic, you know this, my mother knows this, my dog probably knows this, but it is for a good reason. Ovechkin certainly is the great 8, no doubt, but he is also old. The guy has had two hat-tricks this year, but there is no way he is going to keep that up all season. Going into the playoffs last year it was obvious how fatigued Ovi was, not to mentioned he was injured. A lot of young guys are stepping up in the Caps organization this year, and I think we are going to see the beginning of phasing Ovechkin out. He will still be a large part in the Caps offense this year, but I am betting that he fizzles out as the season carries on. If he doesn’t, that’s great; but I just don’t see the consistency happening, and I am factoring in age here. Still rooting for the guy, and the team, just not getting my hopes up. Also don’t think the Caps have looked very good so far, that’s me though.

We still have a ton of hockey left, so all of this is subject to change, but at this moment it is chaos. The best part about seasons starting with so much uncertainty, is that once football is over the hockey season, in a sense, defines itself. This early in the season teams look more like teenagers who just found their genitals. Just trying to figure themselves out.

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