Danish Inventor Kills Swedish Journalist

Danish Inventor Kills Swedish Journalist

If you haven’t heard yet, some maniac in Denmark slaughtered a Swedish news reporter; and when I say slaughtered, I mean he chainsaw massacred this lady. The story is a mix between Hannibal Lecter and Leather Face, with a dash of Dexter.

So this psycho, not naming the fellow because I hate to give these guys any power of existence, agreed to interview with Kim Wall, a Swedish journalist. The two were going to discuss this asshole’s plans to build a rocket. While the two were interviewing, Wall became intrigued by Hannibal’s 55-foot handmade submarine. Wall asked to be taken for a ride on the sub, which Dexter agreed to. Later that day, Wall’s boyfriend filed a missing person report when she did not return home.

A few days go by and all of a sudden Kim Wall reappears; the only problem is that she’s missing her head, arms, and legs. This twisted fuck, who somehow fits the classification of human, butchered this successful journalist for no apparent reason, other than the fact he’s a fucking sicko. The autopsy report was not able to determine the exact cause of death, but it notes that Wall had 15 stab wounds before, or just after, death. The report also notes that the fashion in which dismemberment of the head and limbs occurred are consistent with use of a saw blade. The savage who was last seen with Wall was found with her DNA on his hands and neck, and in his nostrils; all consistencies with handling body parts and fine blood splatter.  That evidence alone would be enough for me to put this asshole behind bars, or to death, take your pick.

Pyscho McChopchop then came up with the most baffling defense. First he says that he is not guilty… Right and my ex-girlfriend isn’t the worst… This guy admits that Wall died on his sub, because he was there when she was struck in the head by a 70kg hatch. He goes on then to say that he felt guilty, and suicidal, at the time. He figured sinking the sub with Wall and himself on it seemed like the right thing to do. I don’t understand how that seems like the right thing to do at all, but that’s also why this guy is nuts. So the submarine does actually wind up sinking, and Nut Job McGee is rescued by authorities, but there is no sign of Wall.

All evidence is pointing to this guy killing this poor lady, and yet he says he’s innocent. Well guess fucking what scum bag! Authorities found videos on your computer’s hard drive of women being tortured and murdered. But of course this guy says the content doesn’t belong to him, which is just classic. It’s like a teenage boy having his browser history brought up and trying to deny it. We know it was you, and you know that we know it was you. You can use this defense when you are a teenager and get away with it. No one wants to get in between that stuff, but as a grown man, just grow up. You’re sick, you need help, in this case a bullet, and you got to own that.

So yeah, in a nutshell this crazy Danish guy, who built his own sub, killed this really awesome lady, and it’s really sad. I feel awful for the loved ones of Kim Wall, because this is just so heinous, and this guy is so disturbed and is trying to deny it, just sucks.

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