I Support You, From A Distance

So ESPN did a cute little article on the Falcons recently. It was essentially an interview with Dan Quinn and all of his hype speech about how the team is bonded and they play for each other and all these super cool things they do to cultivate a mindset. Yeah cool story bro.

If you know me then you know I am a fan of the Dirty Birds, bleed red and black till I die. Born and raised in Georgia, I happened to be lucky enough to have some Falcons actually be a part of my life. But if you know me then you also know I am somewhat of a cynic. I like proof in my pudding, I like the tangible, I believe what I see, and what seems logical. In this case, the Falcons teeter on the line of greatness and managed expectations.

Heartbreak sucks, its not something many of us look forward to facing. If you do you are probably just a sicko. The Falcons are definitely heart breakers; last year’s Super Bowl is a prime example of that.  While there is definitely signs of massive improvement on both sides of the ball for the Falcons, and while I’m buying what Dan Quinn is selling, its from a distance. I am like a shareholder who is invested, hoping to make big profits, but has managed and realistic expectation. I have worn my heart on my sleeve for the Falcons before and its led to tears, anger, and deflating defeat. At some point you have to realize when you are in a toxic relationship. Sometimes that leads to putting up walls, which correlates to the shareholder metaphor, because while you aren’t ready to give up just yet, you can’t continue to be broken either.

So I’ll say this: While I still believe the Falcons are in trouble; based on classic Falcons behavior, like not finishing, as well as lack of depth. I do think that, if there is anyone that can pull the Falcons together, and win a Super Bowl, it is Dan Quinn. I am buying what you are selling Dan, but for now at a distance. You bring me a trophy, and I’ll put my heart back on my sleeve. Until then, I am not counting you out, but I certainly haven’t written your ticket to the top either.

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