Cheers To The Post Season

Cheers To The Post Season

Well if you didn’t watch last night’s AL Wild Card game with the Twins taking on the Yankees, you missed out. That was one hell of a game, and a great way to start off the post season. This game had it all. It was a pitching clinic, along with a big bat show down at Yankee stadium.

The Twin’s started things off with Dozier launching a homer on the first at bat of the game, and subsequently proceeding into the longest first inning of my life. Regardless of that fact, I would say, for at least 3 innings, the game was absolute pandemonium. Frankly I was jealous of those at the game. The crowd was electric, and while the first 3 innings seemed to be surreal, the rest of the game was almost as lively. In fact, as Chapman struck out the last batter, the crowd was on their feet, cheering. Joe Girardi, even compared the crowd last night to that of a college football game.

You got to love that kind of energy roaring through a stadium when everything is on the line. The fans had every reason in the book to cheer, especially due to the performance of the Yankees bullpen. My god was it glorious. 5 pitchers, 13 strike outs, and clinching the Wild Card title; it was awesome. The Yankees certainly have an all-star cast lined up in the pen, kind of reminiscent of the Money Ball Oakland Athletics, and really they’re just fun to watch. The drama of the game was unreal. Severino was pulled in the first inning. I mean wow! Turns out that Girardi’s gamble paid off, and now he’s a genius, but when you are down 3-0 in the first, and the first at bat is a homer, and there is only one out after that, and it’s a one and done game to go on to the postseason: something has to be done. So Girardi pulled Severino, and the rest is history. We saw the Yanks flex their bats and show off that bullpen, and frankly I am excited for whoever they face next; its going to be a series, and that bullpen is going to mind fuck batters all over that plate, and I can’t wait to watch it.


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