Why I Hate A Lot Of Talking Heads

Why I Hate A Lot Of Talking Heads

I’m sure many of you listen to these talking sports heads who tell you what teams are good or bad, what QB ate what for breakfast and how this effects their performance, what defenses went camping together and feel like they have a bond that helps them win, and all that crap these talking heads say. But holy crap is that fucking stupid.

Like many things in this world, politics being a prime example next to sports, you need to sift through the bullshit; and I am telling you a lot of these talking heads are bullshit, enough so that I think veins pop out of my neck and forehead as I get red in the face from yelling at my TV, because of these knuckleheads. Now look, I may not have the inside scoop, or the direct line to the coaches or players, but I do have two eyeballs that work perfectly fine and can see what is going on.

Now the thing that triggered me today was the stupidity I saw on my TV in a postgame show; the head line read: “Who is more in trouble? Patriots or Falcons?” I honestly could have punched my TV. That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever read in my life. The Falcons are 3-1, Pats are 2-2, and you are curious who is in more trouble? If you have watched any football this season you may understand why that question is so astronomically dumb.

From the start of the season the Falcons have been in trouble and it has been obvious. I can’t believe it took a loss for this to finally come up. Sure the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl last year, but the Falcons have the remarkable ability to not finish. The team is great at coming out hot, keeping the tempo high, and making plays. Then halftime comes and the Falcons walk out and seem to fail at making adjustments and keeping the game flow. Today’s loss shows exactly that. Look back to week one and you will see that the Falcons won on a walk off defensive save. I think this has been the story since the Falcons inception, and it is painful.

So a lot of people are going to respond to this and say “OH! But they win games, they’re good!” Yeah sure, they have a good team; no one said they didn’t numb nuts. What I am saying is that the Falcons can’t finish well. For the games they win, they win by the skin of their teeth, or a slight lead; blowouts are extremely rare. There is no doubt about the Falcons ability to win, it’s the matter of the fact that the Falcons are a funk team, they got it or they don’t on a day to day basis.

So factor in the funk, and now let’s add the loss of RT Ryan Schraeder, Julio Jones, and Mohamed Sanu. Schraeder’s absence is a blow to Atlanta’s O-line for sure; pressure is going to get to Ryan faster than usual, and that is going to affect his play making. The loss of Jones and Sanu is a blow to the offense, as these two were primary targets and extremely reliable. Matt Ryan is his press conference today basically came out and said that the backups for Sanu and Jones were awful, “did pretty good job,” I believe the phrase was. But now we also see that the depth for the Falcons is lacking significantly, and guess what Julio is an injury magnet!

So while the Falcons may have a winning record to start the year, and still have the ability to be successful, their trouble comes from inconsistency and lack of depth.

Side note here: if you haven’t noticed, the Falcons are a dynamic team in the fact that their ability to utilize both the run and pass option efficiently makes them a threat. But if they were to be limited to the run game alone the Falcons would be in serious trouble.

The Patriots on the other hand are a slightly different story. The defense for the Pats is Oscar the grouch’s neighbor over on Sesame Street’s back ally. They are last in the NFL for defense, and while scoring points helps to win games, stopping points does a lot also. If the Pats can step up the defensive game, their scores are going to start looking a lot different. Until then, yes the Pats are in trouble of losing games they should win, and it will be no fault of the offense.

Other than that the Pats are fairly consistent. Brady being behind the helm is a huge factor that keeps the team in games. I think the offense could clean some things up to become a little sharper, especially sicne they were held to a few field goals in the beginning that made you kinda go, hmmm? But other than that the offense looks fairly good, just need to sort out a few things. The defense on the other hand could ruin the Pats, but I think that may be a challenge since Brady controls the offense.

The Falcons are teetering on the verge of greatness and complete shambles. The talking heads thought that Super Bowl hang over didn’t exist, but it does, it totally does. The Falcons have tasted the height of greatness, and they want it so bad that they might actually ruin themselves over it. When every game comes down to the final seconds, and guys are making game changing plays over and over again, something is going to give. Those blowout games are crucial and become gifts that save your starters, and yet here we are week four and the Falcons have shown us the depth chart is lacking. The Falcons are in trouble, and will be until they learn to command games through their entirety. I do not doubt the Falcons ability to make the playoffs, but with the way the team plays I believe they will be in trouble for a while. As for the Pats, I am significantly less concerned. All n’ all I find it super annoying that these things haven’t been addressed during the four weeks of football until now. I’ve been saying it since the beginning, Frank’s been saying it, probably a lot of other people have been saying it, and yet these numb nuts on TV are sitting there with their thumbs in their asses. Grinds my gears.

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