Was It Dirty?

Was It Dirty?

If you watched Thursday night football, Bears vs. Packers, then you got a relatively awful game, especially if you are a Bears fan. I must say I am disappointed in the Bears. At the start of the season they looked like competitors in this league, but sadly they are 1-3 and it looks just like it has before: unBEARable!

Last night the Bears accrued penalties like a well accrues pennies: they just rain down. The most egregious of these penalties came from a ferocious hit by Danny Trevathan on Devante Adams.​


​As a former Defensive End it is really hard for me to say if that was a dirty shot or not, but regardless of that, you still hate to see these things happen. No one wants to watch a player get carted off the field. It isn’t good for the player, and it isn’t good for the game.

What I do know is, that sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes in football you find yourself at an awkward angle coming in on a play, and sometimes that leads to injuries. In this case I’d like to believe that Danny Trevathan was not going after Devante Adams. I say that because from my experience, when you see your teammates holding up a guy, trying to wrestle him down, your first thought is “this guy has to go.” Flying in on the play, hoping to aid in bringing the offensive player down is the goal, I want to believe Danny Trevathan was thinking the same way. It just happened to be that his angle on the play lead to knocking Devante Adams senseless.

Now the Packers and the Bears have a long standing rivalry, so the game was bound to get chippy. The Bears also trailed the Packers the entire game, loosing 14-35. Frustration must have set in for the Bears, which is totally understandable, but the context of the game more than likely factored into the call against Danny Trevathan. Emotions are high, players are chippy, there is a rivalry, and one big hit looks more intentional than accidental.

Again these hits are the kind you rather not see, being as that they injure people, and remove star players from games. The fact is: they happen. I can not say for certain that this hit was intentional or not, but I would be curious to see if this same hit would be called a penalty in another game. I know the NFL is taking measures to see these kinds of hits removed from the sport, so there is a chance they always get called, but its pretty tough to tell how intentional of a play this was.


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