Bend The Knee

Bend The Knee

When a person was to swear loyalty to a king, they bent the knee. When a man was to be knighted, he bent his knee. When a king was to be crowned, he bent his knee, and then rose as a king. When a player is injured, you take a knee. When you pray to your god, in most cases, you kneel. So then, tell me why, when throughout history, taking a knee has been a symbol of honor and respect all of a sudden it is disrespectful now, when addressed to the National Anthem?

Now it goes without saying that obviously the players in the NFL taking a knee are doing so in protest. But can we all breath for one second, step back, remove Trumps spray tan residue from our eyes, and look at what is actually being done here?

Like seriously? Like, Becky, OMG look at these Sons Of Bitches kneeling! What disrespectful criminals. They must hate America!

That’s just a rendition of what goes through my head when I hear people bitch about players kneeling during the Anthem. My second thought is stop smoking and let some oxygen get to your brain, and then my third thought is get an education; unfortunately Trump probably slashed your chances of that with a nice cut to the education budget. (Not factually based, just a guess.)

But seriously, let’s honestly catch our breaths and take a look at this. You have a large organization, the NFL, that has employees from a variety of backgrounds, some of whom face a certain kind of injustice that runs wild in this country, and yet there is controversy over public attention drawn to the issue? The only problem is that people have been more drawn to the sign of protest then the actual issue. There is constant media coverage on how the kneeling during the Anthem is disrespectful, or how people are reacting, again completely missing the point. The players kneeling are showing no sign of disrespect to the flag of the United States or its Anthem, rather they are respecting them both in their entirety through a gesture of submission, a sign most people invoke when praying to their god. The only difference is that the action of kneeling during the Anthem is not nomenclature, but it is at the very least getting attention. It may not be the right attention, but it’s a start.

What has happened, is this country has let a manic cartoon personality create more division in this country, something that goes completely against the words of the MAGA slogan, (something different than its connotation), that won this cartoon it’s office. Drawing a line between those who stand versus those who kneel during the National Anthem is ridiculous! I mean you kneel before your god and that’s fine, but damn you to hell if you kneel at my flag! Yeah that makes sense, good one guy. This is the most peaceful protest you can get my friends. Let us stop making a fuss over it and pay more attention to the issue that this symbol is trying to address! I mean knee, stand, kneel, stand; it’s like the Catholic Church, and everyone’s arthritis is acting up. I hate church, I don’t go, and I hate kneeling, so guess what I’m not going to do it! But just like at church, if you want to kneel, knock yourself out grandma, and you too Marshawn Lynch. I get where my grandma is coming from in regards to church, and I get what Marshawn is saying by kneeling on the field, and I am open to both dialogs. This doesn’t mean I will kneel, but I sure as shit won’t waste my time crying because someone else is hurting their knee. Literally no one is trying to disrespect anything, really they are looking to begin talking and fixing things in the country.

It is also sad to see how many people fall head over heels for anything that follows the word patriot. Sometimes I worry that word may cause blood flow to the societal genitalia of this country in a dangerous manner. It could potentially lead to an America boner lasting longer than four hours, and should be check by a doctor, because we all know there is a preexisting heart condition. But seriously, just because the word patriotic is slapped onto something does not make it so. Sometimes the most patriotic thing is the hardest thing, like a black cop protecting the rights of the KKK protesting; freedom of speech. And using the military card as a way to guilt people into picking a side is wrong. Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge military guy, support the military 100%, but that does not mean I would not kneel during the Anthem if I felt so inclined. Military personnel know what they signed up for. They fight for us, but they especially fight for those men and women beside to them, and while they are protecting our rights, a good majority of them respect our right to exercise them, even when they do not agree. If you think being a patriot is as easy as chanting USA, you’re an idiot.


I have also heard some interesting remarks about how this protest is ruining football, the thing that brought us together regardless of backgrounds, but how folly is that! That is literally the equivalent to putting a Band-Aid on a leak; it is not going to hold. Having a moment to forget about things is great, sure, probably why a lot of us drink, but fixing the issue is certainly a lot better, and being drunk all of the time really doesn’t do much good, just like that Band-Aid. The problems still have to be fixed outside of the football field, as well as inside.

Fun side note, Colin Kapernick took a knee a year ago, and now can’t get signed to a team. Turns out all of that accomplished a lot more than him actually getting back on the field. Obviously you have to add a little Donny Magic into the mix to get things going for the ol’ Sons of Bitches, but Kap provided the fire and Trump provided the Donny Magic.

(Donny Magic is a highly combustible substance. If you handle Donny Magic use extreme caution. Keep out of reach of children).

P.S. Trump said to stop watching the NFL, he basically attacked the owners. The owners are literally comprised of a handful of people who donated to him. If you attack someone’s business, you may not like their reaction; Jerry Jones and his rough riders taking a knee together. Well played Trump, well played. *Splash of Donny Magic and Jazz hands*


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