Eli Manning Was Never Good

Eli Manning Was Never Good

I know everyone has been talking about how bad Eli’s performance Monday night against the Lions was, but this is nothing new. Now excuses can be made for Eli and the Giants from sun up to sun down, but I think we are seeing how truly awful Eli is as a QB, and frankly I don’t think he deserves the two rings he has.
So Eli’s line is absolute garbage. I mean they are the finest hot garbage in town and the rats are ready to feast. These guys are dismal on the pass block, and can barely get the run off. The only time Eli has been able to get the ball out of the pocket is when he puts it in someone else’s hands immediately, and that has proven to be a very difficult task. Now the Lions defense was impeccable on Monday night, I don’t think the Giants even had time to breath, let alone formulate plays, but these are scenarios where, no matter what personnel is on the field the QB should be adjusting his players into prime positions. Saying that Eli has no O-line, or no time to get a play off, is utter crap. Look at Tony Romo who at one point towards the end of his career had no line and a bunch of rookie receivers. Romo coached everyone from behind center, managed to get plays off, and even managed to win games. Eli on the other hand is notorious for being hot and cold, making unbelievably stupid plays, and this year not utilizing the tools around him: OBJ, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and Brandon Marshall, someone brought in specifically to compliment Eli and OBJ.
The lack of protection has begun to expose the level of QB Eli truly is. I have been saying this for years now, that Eli is awful, he didn’t earn those Super Bowl rings, and when it comes to play making, leave it to the rest of his team to bail him out. The only way Eli Manning ever beat Tom Brady, was by the style and grace of his teammates, who made him seem like a god. The guy reminds me a college kid who procrastinates a 50 page paper for the last week of school. Eli needs the pressure in order to fulfill his role on the team, which is why I think he is so good at sabotaging his team, and then pulling a come from behind victory. Impressive as the come from behind victories are, that really isn’t an efficient way to play. Not to mention the guy is a flopper. I don’t know if you saw it on Monday night, but take a look.

I think these past two weeks have shown us that Eli really cannot QB. Honestly at this point I would pick Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton over Eli, actually give me Blake Bortles over this guy, that’s how much I think Eli sucks. If you are a Giants fan, I am sorry that you have been abused by this guy for so long. Sure maybe you got two championships while he was behind center, but I am telling you, you did not win because of this guy. Once Eli goes, and a new QB takes the helm, I think you will see a more consistent team, and probably a more winning one.

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