*Sigh* Week 2…

Week two is nearly to a close with only the Lions vs. Giants left to play, but we are still seeing a lack in offensive potency. While some games have been utter blow outs due to the lack of defense within the league, others have been subjected to field goals alone due to a lack of offense. 

I said it earlier and I will say it again, it is the year of the kicker. There has been a ridiculous amount of punting and field goal kicking with utter lack of touchdowns to complement them. If you compete in a fantasy league you can certainly attest to the fact that kickers have been out scoring star receivers and backs. The NFL is looking like the land of misfit toys, and while I continue to tune in for every game, I still find myself walking away disappointed. There have been few games that have been nail bitters or blood pumping. It is hard to pin point what the issue is, but the the NFL is looking pretty lack luster.

College football on the other hand has had its fair share of excitement. This past weekend there were blowouts, nail bitters, upsets, and surprises at every turn. Maybe college football’s ability to be continuously entertaining comes from the level of unknown potential that the players possess. Most of the professionals we know tend to preform consistently, and there are only so many time Aaron Rogers can wow you with his scramble play making ability before it becomes old news.

We aren’t going to stop watching the NFL, but it certainly has not been easy to watch. The lack of touchdowns is extremely annoying, no one is watching football to see wanna be soccer players show off their ability to boot a pigs ass through two yellow posts. Hopefully things get better as the season moves on, but as for now hang in there, stop calling the Gruden hotline because it isn’t real, and try to have faith.

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