The Bird Ate the Cat, But the Cat was Half Dead

The Bird Ate the Cat, But the Cat was Half Dead

Worst game that aired on Sunday hands down. It was absolutely painful to watch. Andy Dalton had the performance of a life time on opening week in the worst way possible. 5 total turn overs for the Bengals, 4 of them interceptions. Dalton looked like that kid in college who missed the last month of class, but shows up to the final exam like everything is fine. Obviously that kid failed. The Ravens had an awesome game defensively, which may be due to the lack of offense on the Bengals part, so we will keep some tabs on them in week 2. The Baltimore offense was definitely struggling, even with the 20 points they put up. Flaco was taking hits, missing passes, and even threw two interceptions; it was a very unimpressive performance.

I definitely don’t think it’s fair that the Ravens aren’t getting the flack they deserve. Yes they won, winning is important, but seriously, that was not a good performance! Especially since it was like the Ravens were playing a practice squad. The Ravens waltzed away with a 20-0 win over the Bengals. Pitiful.

Is it wrong for me to totally dismiss these two off the bat? I just don’t want to watch either of them at all.

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