Sooners #2 Boomers

Sooners #2 Boomers

The University of Oklahoma vs. Ohio State. Number 5 taking on the big number 2. How is this going to shake out? Well let me tell you! While sitting next to a huge University of Oklahoma fan, it was life and death, but for all the right reasons. The Boomer Sooners came out on top in this battle because of their grit. Oklahoma had everything to gain playing the number 2 ranked team. The Sooners are ranked number 5, so obviously they are a force to be reckoned with, but they still have so much to prove. A two time walk on quarter back, Baker Mayfield, the youngest head coach in college football history, Lincoln Riley, (32 YOA), and behind the two, an entire team to prove that paper matches talent.

The game was a fight through and through. The final score was 31-16, Sooners, but that does not reflect the physical ferocity on the field. Ohio State is a very good team offensively and defensively; though there has been some misfiring recently for the Ohio offense. The Sooners, however, came into the game with revenge on their mind. The Sooners defense was able to shut down Ohio in critical moments. With two key interceptions, and forcing Ohio to settle for 3 field goals and only one touchdown, the Sooners were able to control the game. The defense, in my opinion, earns first recognition, due to the fact that it was able to restrain Ohio State to 16 points. The offense on the other hand, still has some kinks to work out. Two turnovers in the first half is not a good look.

The significance of the Sooners offense being able to generate 31 points is certainly indicative of the everything to prove mentality. Mayfield, Riley, and the rest of the team, came into this game fighting, left the game planting their flag. This win has placed the Sooners in the number 2 spot, and knocked Ohio State down to number 8. If these two meet again, expect it to be a scrappy game, especially after Baker’s flag plant, that will not be forgotten.


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