Monday Night, You are Our Only Hope

Monday Night, You are Our Only Hope

Week one of Football was rough, and it’s still not over. So far the games have been fairly uneventful, or pitiful. I think it’s fair to say that the Patriots vs. Chiefs game has been the most entertaining, and the Steelers vs. Browns, while over looked, was a spectacle of its own.

It has been surprising how many games have relied on field goals, and less on touchdowns, to put up points. So far the theme of the year may be the “Season of Field Goals.” Next to that the refs so far have been awful. The most egregious of the calls was against the Redskins.  A clear forward pass, was ruled a fumble. This changed the game completely. It took possession away from the Redskins, gave the Eagles a touchdown, and solidified the win for Philly. Just awful.

On top of all this, teams have looked flat. I get the fact that it is week one, but come on, these are professionals! I am hoping that the remaining games tonight will turn this around. Vikings vs. Saints, and Broncos vs. Chargers, please close out week one in a more fashionable way than the rest of the league on Sunday.

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