Alpha, Baker, Beta

Baker, Baker, Baker… I know they told you to apologize, but you should have stuck to your guns. I could see it in your eyes, you weren’t sorry! We don’t want you to be sorry either! Own it, Baker. You planted your flag, because you won. You got your revenge, after Ohio came into your home and disrespected you.

I know you had to do it. I wish you didn’t, but I get it. We all know you know that we know that it was disrespectful, and we all know you meant it in that way. Again, its fine, you’re a warrior. This is football, violence and disrespect are part of the game, so keep on being that Alpha. Let the Betas of the world cry about this all they want, they aren’t seeing you on the field, and if they were then you’d Alpha them just like you did to Ohio State.

Baker, I hope you plant that flag in the middle of the field of every team you beat, Alpha everyone into submission.

Side note; rumor has it that Baker Mayfield almost quit football for video games. Apparently the quarter back is a huge video game guy, and specifically a Halo guy. So I will just say it, I know everyone is thinking it, Baker’s flag plant was a total Halo move, and it was glorious.

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