On The Brink of History

On The Brink of History

The Cleveland Indians are on a 17 game winning streak. This is an impressive feat for any team, and it happens to be the best win streak in the Indians franchise history. The Indians are on pace to join the 20 wins club and solidify their spot next to the 2002 Oakland Athletics (20) and 1935 Chicago Cubs (21). According to the ESPN statistic, the Indians are playing damn good baseball. They have outscored their opponents 118-30 in the 17 game stretch. They also have the best run differential, 88, in 17 games sine the 2002 Angels, 89, who won the World Series. This is good baseball no matter who you root for, in fact its historic baseball. It’s not every day that a team pulls off a 17 game win streak, and looks to make a place next two other greats, or for that matter surpass them. So if you are a sports fan and want to witness any sort of history, keep an eye on the Cleveland Indians in the coming weeks. They are going to be worth the attention.

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