It’s Not Brady, It’s You, Defense

It’s Not Brady, It’s You, Defense

Football is finally back! Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs in the devils land known as Foxborough. The reigning Super Bowl champs look to start their conquest off strong on opening night. The talking heads would have you believe that the Patriots are going to be untouchable this year. Brady would be the second coming after all and shock the world with his godly powers. The hype was real folks. As a matter of fact it was so real, that Alex Smith came and stole it.

Alex “The King Slayer” Smith came and stole the show on Thursday night. Between Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, and Alex Smith, the Patriots defense stood no chance. This is fairly shocking considering that the Pats are projected to have a solid defense. Instead what we witnessed was a shaky, confused, and inexperienced defense. It has been said that one, possibly more, defensive players have only been with the unit for five whole days. If Alex Smith’s precision strikes were not enough to deal with, just tack on the fact that the Patriots defense was a leg down to begin with. The lack of knowledge, chemistry, and comfort that the Patriots defense was battling was beyond distracting, and it ultimately lead to a 42-27 loss to the Chiefs.

The next big ticket item on this list is the devastating loss of linebacker captain, Dont’a Hightower. The captain left the game in the 3rd quarter with a right knee injury. Hightower did however return to the sidelines, and was seen on a stationary bike. Being a veteran, Hightower poses as a leader to a rather new defensive group. His role is important as this defense looks to find an identity, as well as some cohesion.

While Hightower’s absence is concerning, I am not overly nervous for the Patriots. First game of the season, the Chiefs came out banging on the war drums, and the Pats were exposed to their weak spots. If anything the Patriots and their fans should see this as a blessing. The problem has been identified, and now it’s time to go and fix it. Do not forget that the Patriots were also in a similar passion before, where everyone doubted Belichick and Brady, only to witness Batman and Superman make it to the Super Bowl.

For me the important focus of this game was the exposure of the gaping holes in the Patriots defense. With that said I will touch upon a few things before wrapping this up. If you are a Pats fan, and you got a little nervous about Brady and his performance, don’t. There is nothing to worry about here. Brady’s line is still amazing, plain and simple. That guy can build houses in the back field with the amount of time he has on most plays. Sure he got sacked 3 times, but that’s football, sometimes the defense is going to get through! (Brady also was the reason he got sacked. You have to move in the pocket). Other than that, do not worry about Brady, he is fine.

Next up, Alex “The King Slayer” Smith, kudos to you guy. That was an outstanding performance by an athlete I had paid no mind to previously. Sure, Smith has taken his team to the playoffs a few times, but with the weapons he has now, I think the Chiefs are going to be a team to watch this year. That is if Andy Reed continues to let Smith off his leash and play as aggressive as he did against the Pats.

As for Kareem Hunt, there is nothing to say. If you watched the game then you already know. If you didn’t, then stop being a bum and go to ESPN and watch the highlights.

Overall this was a fun opening night for football. We start with an upset right off the bat, and I am sure if you are a Pats fan you are freaking out a bit, but again, its one game. The Chiefs came out swinging, and I’m looking forward to watching them some more this season.

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