Just Making the Cut

Just Making the Cut

The US men’s soccer team is once again in the hunt for a position in the World Cup. The US faces the ever crafty Honduras team on their home turf, something that has proved more than trying before.

Within the first 30 minutes of game play it is apparent the odds are stacked against a flat footed American team, (as if that was not enough in itself). Refs seemed more than content in calling only the most egregious of penalties, while letting other blatant ones slide right by. Even spotting the ball on throw ins was rather unimportant. In one case Honduras was graced with a nearly 20 yard advance from the spot where the throw in should have taken place.

If having the chips stacked against was not enough of a hurdle, then add a goal. Once Honduras scored the life force of the US vanished, the souls of the team possibly consumed by hurricane Irma. One could only hope that Irma performs as well as the US men’s soccer team, because then we can tell Florida, that redheaded stepchild of a state, to sleep easy.

USA-Soccer-Clint-Dempsey[Image by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]

Let’s then talk about this concept of “fair play” in the aftermath of an injury. Apparently it is “good sportsmanship” to return the ball to the team that plays the ball out of bounds to stop play in order to treat an injured player. I will admit I know nothing about soccer, but what I do know is when you are in the hunt for a position in the World Cup, niceties go out the window. The Honduras player who was injured in a free kick by  Dempsey’s, number 8,  bomb of a kick, stayed in the game after being examined by medical staff! From my point of view giving the ball back to Honduras was the kiss of death to seal the US fate. This entire debacle occurred while America was on offense, and since the return of ball to Honduras the US has not been in the offensive zone any more than to dip their toes before sprinting back to defense.

Fast forward to about the 85th minute of the match and you would be utterly shocked. Somehow the US slipped past the Honduras defense and managed to put one away. The game is about as predictable as Trump. The US came out flat footed, and that tends to be a common rhythm for them, but I am not going to rule out that the ref may have been favoring Honduras more ever since his sister was deported by Trump. And yet the score is tied.

Luckily for the US the game ends in a tie. Pathetically. But hey they are still in contention right? From that performance though, all you soccer fans out there, do not get your hopes up for the US to make a serious run for the cup, because it is not happening.



 [Image by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]

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